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Hello! Thanks so much for landing here. I’m Misha, a Johannesburg-based mama of two, blogger, business owner and general sharer of things. I started this blog in 2010 (previously as a place to share, inspire and inform people of the things I was discovering day to day. It’s evolved as I’ve evolved over the past 10 years and right now this is a place to create and connect. What started as an online diary has afforded me the opportunity of traveling around the world doing what I love, including public speaking and hosting workshops. It’s allowed me to turn my passion for brands and marketing into carefully crafted content that resonates with consumers on a real human level. I have a passion for writing, taking photographs and connecting with the [mostly] women who follow me, many of whom have become friends. My aim is for this blog to become a business in it’s own right through collaborating with brands to share exciting news, products and deals that my community will love. With 14 years in corporate and a background in digital marketing and brand strategy, it’s important to me that values are aligned, objectives are met and that authenticity is prioritised above all else.

I do not mention products or brands I don’t use, like or wouldn’t buy organically. A lot of the content that I share is not sponsored; I share it because it’s information that I feel could add value to the lives of others, and I love doing that. My passions include travel, DIY, gadgets, bargain-hunting, plants, decor, design, fitness, food, fashion and photography. If you’re a brand or business looking to collaborate, please click here, I’d love to chat. And if you’re a follower or reader just wanting to find out a little more, come say hi.

Misha Levin travelling and taking photographs in Iceland
misha levin flowers and sandals

Get To Know | Misha Levin

Favorite Travel Spot:   Iceland

Can’t Live Without:   My Fuji X-T10 camera

Must Have Accessory:   My iPhone

Best Advice:   Just go for it; it’ll never be as easy as it is now.

Describe yourself in one Word:   Passionate

Secret Talent:   I’m pretty good at accents

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Some Client Love

We’ve been working with Misha for almost 3 years now and the experience has been an absolute pleasure. Not only has Misha managed to convey our product and messaging to her audience in a beautiful, authentic and honest way, but she’s also managed to convert that awareness to sales which is the primary objective for us. Misha is discerning about the partners and products she chooses and puts an immense amount of time, effort and consideration into the content she creates and curates and it’s for this reason that her audience trusts her. We look forward to a fruitful partnership going forward!
netcells 1
Catherine Holmes
MD Netcells
We approached Misha to partner with our online fitness platform in an influencer capacity. Owing to the success of her campaign we have extended the relationship and she continues to deliver outstanding conversions every month. One of the things we value most about working with Misha is that she partners with brands she aligns with, which means that the content that she creates isn't just just beautiful, it's authentic. She has an incredibly loyal and engaged audience who trust her implicitly. Misha's content has resulted in a high volume of sales and we can't recommend her highly enough.
James White
Best 10
We started working with Misha in 2018 when we collaborated on the design of a pendant. This pendant, named after Misha’s first son Carter, has gone on to become our best-selling piece. Working with Misha and tapping in to her digital marketing experience has allowed us to greatly expand our brand's reach, increase sales and shape the way in which we market our brand. The trust her followers have and the genuine, refreshingly honest and beautiful content that she creates is why we continue to work together. Working with Misha undeniably accelerated both the growth and sales of our company and continues to do so.
Heather Miller
Exclusivity by Design
We worked with Misha on a new product for brands to effectively engage with influencers. She brings a wealth of objective viewpoints from both the brand and the creator perspectives and is able to strategically guide a project through to delivery. Misha is an advocate for creative thinking with strategy at the core and this comes through in her work and collaborations.
Murray Legg
Misha makes an effort to truly immerse herself in the brands she partners with and this commitment and team-player attitude is both evident and unique. The content she creates is visually arresting, but also authentic, and her audience resonates with this. We experienced an up-swing in sales through our collaboration and also grew our social media community as a result.
Megan Quy

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